Religious? Umm… no.

Am I religious? Sorry… NO.

Spiritual, YES… Lemme explain: not the new-age, anything goes, type of spiritual!

I was raised to say my bedtime prayers. Occasionally, we said grace before a meal at the dinner table. We sporadically attended this church or that. Whichever one that sent a bus by to pick up children; or the one relatives would take us to…

In spite of the rarity of a church visit, or any other religious activity growing up, I’m actually VERY spiritual. 

I believe in GOD, wholeheartedly. Jesus is absolutely, my greatest friend,  hands down. I have (and do quite frequently) feel the Holy Spirit within me and it is beautiful, and awe-inspiring. 

Furthermore, it may surprise you to hear that I’ve read the bible; many of the books over and over again. I actually have tons of them. Different versions, different denominations, and several study/reference bibles. Yet, I pretty much refuse to go to Church. 

Don’t get me wrong, some religious establishments are great. Some of them actually mean the very best. But, again.. I read my bible and I know that anywhere I am, if two or more are gathered in his name, that’s church. I call it bible study. Same difference.

Thank God for my late grandmother, Ruby Ann Mask, the one who always put God first during my entire childhood. 

They called her crazy, and it just made her talk to Jesus more. She was no stranger to poverty, cruelty, and chronic pain, like myself. Yet, she always praised God & got her advice from the Blessed Lord. I never thought she was crazy.. and she called me her “right-hand gal“.There are so many phrases that come to mind regularly, that she would say. And she was smart.. she repeatedly recited them (now I understand) so that I’d never forget. 

Today, I’m the one who turns to my good friend Jesus for advice. I’m the one some call crazy. It doesn’t bother me. No man has ever shown me the Lovingness, Grace, and Forgiveness that he has shown me.

No…I’m not religious at all. Im also not confused and led astray by corrupt religious leaders. I’m not pressured to look or act a certain way just to please a sect, or to be able to get into heaven. 

I’m me. No apologies, I was born this way, and I only know how to BE ME…I haven’t a clue how to be just like you, or any of THEM. 

Thank you for reading…

And May God bless you🌺