Americans & Racism..

this whole problem nothing but pure bullshit.

We don’t even know who came off of which ship.

Why would you act like YOURS came VIP?

Half of you couldn’t begin to tell me,

the roots of your entire family.

America started off as friendly.

Natives were happy.. and yes they were free.

Then many nations invaded, you see?

The melting pot! Land of the braves, the Free.

Americans the beautiful? let’s see…

They all came, all kinds of ethnicity!

So tell me people, what’s so hard to see?

Born in L.A. where whites minority,

Black, Mexican, even Vietnamese…

Who acted nice, thats all that mattered to me.

Racism bugs me cause there’s no reason.

Look around we’re blending, a new season.

Native Americans lost rights, lives and more…

Yet my forefathers didn’t teach or implore,

To Let hate consume all things… Live and breathe war?!

Do all butterflies seem to look alike?

Must clouds follow strict patterns in the sky?

What if you were blind.. who would you like?

The world will soon be like tie-dye!

Love my FAMILY no matter color.

Would I change the love for my own mother

If I found out her mom came from a different land?

That we knew nothing about, some lost island!?

Then would I look down, and then hate my own hue?

Of course not.. I love my mom, and I’m me!

The fact that this idiocy remains,

should make you want to stand up and break the chains.

Listen up.. stop the madness. Get a clue.