Consumers consumption consumed by addictions it’s not always what you think?!

HIGH ON candy and cakes IS no better than Crack or CRANK.

Or obsessed with gossiping and the need to be better, consumed

with the hate while nothing gets better.

MEDIA consumption consumption of lust.

Those very attractive snake skin suits running the carnival ride to hell… consumption of lies.

Consumption of greed, consuming your desires of heart while your souls in denial.

It’s time to pay the piper.

I know your pie eyed I’m throwing out the iron chains, you can climb out now..

THINK fast NOW!!

Spit out the venom, it’s fatal euphoria, mind-numbing haze is about to Overdose them All!

I’m throwing in the towel but will never tapout.

It’s thrilling..

The Spirit makes me wanna shout! The closer the worst gets the stronger my desire..

I guess to be like her.. the igniter.

The starter of the fire!

Cause there‘s nothing else like it! And everybody knows…

I’ve not been the liar?

The more determined I get, the more convinced I become.

If i cannot convince..not even a hundred and one,

well.. then my work here is done.