Little Faith..

Oh ye one with the little faith..
I'm weary of talking to you on this now.
How many more amends to make?
I've talked myself blue, I've explained you my vow.

Then as a true child of Most High,
I allow your presence to be around me.
It always ends with a big sigh.
No matter my conviction to be happy.

I've changed my life, and turned new leaf.
I've accepted Serenity..
HE blessed me!
And tried to help your disbelief..
Try as I might, it seems to backfire on me!

Sure, once upon the bluest moon,
We'll laugh and we'll cry and we'll have fellowship too…
But, mostly it's your doom and gloom.
I'm sorry, I tried..
I wish not to hurt you.

Can't have you stressing my blessing!
My path is bright and clear now, I wish you well...
Go out there... and seek your lesson!
Jesus Christ has the greatest story to tell!

“Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge.”

Proverbs 14:7