I’m blessed..

but I still have to remember to Choose Happiness.

Years of endlessly dreading; fears had me constantly fretting.

Depression profound & deep; no progression; no dreams to keep.

Knew not better, but oh my; I was bitter, my life awry.

Yes.. I thought I was crazy; Distraught.. reality hazy.

See, since I was really small; convinced, I had to care for all.

Every little mistake; I would nibble a nail and shake.

Perfection my only way; expecting I’d get there some day!

No perfection, no controlFear of rejection, can’t let go.

I’m glad to say, I’m better! Not mad, okayNEVER better=]

Not too much, do I now care; Your take and such, or why you glare.

Your problem you see, not mine.. I’m awesome, and free.. gotta shine.

Worries come, and I release; I can’t be glum, and I like peace.

If you can add two and two; be happy, not sad, Up To You.

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