My Bones

The introduction has replayed,
at least as much as it has rained.
She knew she had so often prayed,
for answers to not be delayed..
could it be her mind had betrayed?

An Angel? She sometimes wondered.
Yet never knowing, and dismayed.
Others would look on with disdain,
at mention of any such thing.
Their looks felt like an angry sting.
Sadly, yes…his days were numbered.
This hard fact he often explained.
She never asked, his look too pained.
Alas, too quickly their time waned,
a brief friendship, but so much gained.
His essence was unencumbered,
Rain on a Hot August noonday.
His presence much like sweet champagne,
Some share in the honeymoon way.
Gone as a dream you can’t explain.
Alone now, whenever she slumbered,
sensed maybe he somehow remained.
She marveled at fate so well played.
He taught her to not be afraid.
To fight on, with or without blade.
Why did he have to leave that way?
They shared a bond from the first day.
Oh, how she wanted him to stay.
he said he was so tired, frayed…
she was so strong, she’d be ok.
Still picturing his face that day,
Her screaming, she wasn’t okay.
He saw her tears and said ‘then stay’.
but they knew there was just no way.
he had the girl, and she had ‘J’.