Awaken you sleeper,
arise and shine!
May as well be deader…
so freaking blind!
Darkness getting deeper,
you saw the sign.
It’s not getting better,
regain your mind.

I welcome the reaper,
for me and mine.
he’s a go-getter,
to reap up mankind.
Warnings will fade to none... So listen up! 
I know you’re having fun,
filling your cup,
but it’s nothing poor one!
Poor sickened pup.
Horror under the sun!?
Finish your sup.
His WILL, it will be done.
Few rising to top…
It’s not a joke or pun.
Too late to stop!

I am no top scholar..
never did much,
yet I knew my FATHER
His words and such.

Why should I even bother?
Can words yet touch,
your folly and fodder?
You in it’s clutch..
But he still will holler,
your name and such.
While you all still waller..
in murk and muck.

Truth is you heard the call.
You had no cares.
Hoping for time to stall.
No more bewares!
It’s high time to stand tall.
Handle affairs.
The last call for us all.
No last chance dares.

Embrace your divine role.
No matter who stares.
Searchlight within your soul.
The love he shares…