The truth about OCD

Just call me crazy, bipolar, or whatever you wish! These days, I’m not going to give it too much thought. A few years ago? Well, that’s another story.

Now, once upon a time.. I’d spend hours in bed tossing and turning, my mind going over the details of the day & every conversation like some madwoman!

“Why on earth would you do that?”, you may ask. Well, for starters, I have the disorder known as O.C.D., which stands for: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Obsessive compulsive disorder, in my opinion, is really misunderstood in our culture. This could be a result of so many people thinking that they know what it is, when in actuality they know very little.

Sure, I like things to be in order. Yes, I sometimes get upset over a tiny little detail. I’ve also (always) had wierd ‘ritual behaviors‘. For example, I was an extreme nail-biter, often even biting the skin around my nails; I used to compulsively smell my hands (sometimes over & over) to make sure they were clean.

OCD is the “fun” mental disorder that we may label ourselves with when we’re being particularly detailed over a project, or spring cleaning the house.

In fact, I suppose you could call those quirks the lighter, less debilitating part of the condition. The other symptoms are much darker and much harder to live with.

The characteristic I referred to earlier, about laying in bed over thinking everything, is known as having: Intrusive Thoughts. I’m extremely grateful that I’ve been able to conquer this part of my disorder, almost completely! It was a huge hindrance for me, in many aspects of my life.

There are many other disorders that generally ‘coincide’ with obsessive compulsive disorder:

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  • 31% have major depression
  • 11% have social phobia
  • 8% have an eating disorder
  • 7% have a simple phobia
  • 6% have panic disorder
  • 5% have Tourette’s syndrome

I have them all (to some degree) plus some… fortunately, I also had a great therapist and a wish to try & overcome my shortcomings

A mental disorder is not a defect. It’s just something about you, that differs from most people, and is either a brain anomaly, a DIRECT RESULT of trauma, or a genetic trait.

One doesn’t do anything to cause themselves to have a disorder… It’s something that happened to them. I think it’s high time we all learn/remember that and respond accordingly. #ChangeIt #BreakTheCycles