Fare thee well…

I'm having such a good day, so I guess that you are too. After all, we're all in this together, right?
United We Stand united we fall.
How could I be happy when you are sad?
How could I ever walk around wanting everyone mad?
So it pains me greatly, to say..
I'm moving ahead without you.. I just don't like to fight.
I can no longer stand the negativity..
I've tried my best to help one and all.
Yet, it seems it's just me, with a heart that's ready to be glad.
I'll take all the joy I can.. to tide me over through any bad.
It all comes down to this.. it's not you! It's me.
No, really.. I'm different now, I've changed.
Que Sera, Sera.. Come what may. Amor Fati..
It can't exactly be explained..
I searched high & low.. Chasing Happy.
And when I found it I was amazed..
All my life, it was right in front of me!
Alas, the cruel world had me otherwise engaged.
Ya know I'll miss you lots, but I'm sorry I'm not sorry. 
I've always wanted to be on my way.
There's so much for me to see, don't worry..
You'll see me soon, another time, another day!