Discovering my own beliefs

I've been a speed-reading, avid reader for as long as I can remember. At about age 35, I lost interest, suddenly in the middle of reading the latest Stephen King novel.
He’s my favorite, up until then, I’d read 95% of his books, and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why I could not bring myself to finish that book!
For a few years, curiously enough I didn’t read.
In retrospect, it was because I needed to do some soul searching.
During my introspection and soul searching, many amazing things occurred. To continue the topic at hand.. my desire to read came back, gradually.
Throughout my life, I'd had Bible's and I'd picked through the fun parts.. Psalms, Proverbs, etc. For the most part, I was unable to get into it, maybe because I always tried to start with Genesis.

That all changed.. I began picking a book from the Bible contents, reading it and then checking it off a list. The funniest thing happened, I began to want to read more, and more. Now, it's become the best book I've ever read!
I also began reading non-fiction here and there.
Truth is stranger than 
fiction, that's a fact.
I finally realized a couple of years back that I hadn't lost my desire to read. I had lost my desire to hear other people's stories. I was ready to live my own, and naturally, soon afterwards I began writing! 
In conclusion, with all of the psychological, philosophical, and ‘self-help’ reads, I’ve had to weigh every single concept with my own intuitive insight. I use my heart and soul to choose to learn from or dismiss any/all information. There are millions of theories, but we must each discover our own set of personal mantras.