This poem is featured in the collection(s): Revelations- The Predicament, & Poetry for a Lost Civilization, by ~Serenity Mask

The time has come for all to see.
Your wandering mind and your hardened heart,
made YOU the object of pity.
Of the blasphemy, I will take no part!
Seems I don’t bear this burden well,
Even so, I had better make my start.
Truth is, so many yes, we fell.
It’s true, I narrowly escaped the dart.
With my faith, I received this word.
I know to some of you it seems absurd.
With a faithful heart I will pray,
to speak it right… without further delay.
Must be blunt, there’s no choice for me.
I’ll take no credit for your heresy.
Within my words there’ll be a hook.
To figure out you’ll need to read the book!
All the cages must now be shook,
Here to There, under all nanny and crook!

Frankly, don’t care if you agree.
Don’t you blame ME, HIS words have been written!
I won’t be begging, here’s this plea...
I’m only here to merely say, what’s hidden.
Not a secret, unlike the rest.
He wants you all to pass every test.
Right now though, he’s not real impressed.
It’s no wonder. All sin now in excess!
So many bow in submission!
To any and all that’s clearly evil.
The Christ is soon to be risen..
Leaving everything in an upheaval.
First of all, look around and see..
The way it’s broken, the great tragedy.
Step back, and take another look!
It’s all unfolding, again… like The Book.
Was anything wise, from it took?
The demon has all of you on his hook.

Now hear this each one. Listen now!
History repeats and repeats again.
Why? There’s no honor, word or vow.
No valor. No integrity within.
Hello! I’ve got your ATTENTION!?
It’s time to quit playing these games of MEN.
No need for further invention.
I’ve got my orders to pick up this pen.
You’ve got a big cleanup to do.

One. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
Clear the filth first. Then there’s this too…
There is nothing worse than your greediness.
Quit making excuses, boohoo!
Jesus has already showed you.

Stand up for your LIFE, and your Afterlife.
Stand up for your children and for your WIFE!
You act as if you must enjoy this STRIFE.
You’re not trying to have a happy LIFE…

The hating, killing, it must STOP.
The hoarding, and wasting is way too much.
Get yourself a bucket and mop.
Clear out iniquity, from all you touch.

Me? I know I’m wasting my breath.
It’s a weight on my chest and I can’t stop.
I’ll be… in dreams until my death.
I will write on and on until I drop.

Oh God must it continue on?
I can’t bear much more of this horror flick.
So ready for a brand new dawn..
While the flame dies out of this wick.
Take me Lord.. I want to go home!
Is it any wonder I cry and moan?
This place has NEVER suited me!
I never once thought I was FREE!!
Millions of people UNWILLING to see…
May as well hang out with a tree. 😢