No words to fix things at this late season.
Fancy cure-all, magic rhyme or reason.

Each one has a better story to tell..
And each ones under his own type of spell.

Many versions, claiming new evidence.
With diversions.. some play both sides of fence.

Paranoia ensuing, tales are spun.
Myths celebrated yet believed by none.
Some insightful.. some inciteful.
Even wild theories told by the spiteful.
All existing in a swirl of chaos.
Come on now! Help me Amadeus.

Bitter ones whom live life just to be right.
Herds of lost souls, barely put up a fight.
Or what of those cheery sorts, laughing through life?
Also, angry ones that prefer the strife.

No medicine to repair our spirits..
so we’ll have our drugs and drink our spirits.

No prophets this time, we don’t have the time!
Dear Jesus… won’t you please come? It is time!
I feel it, I’m ready to hear bells chime!
We’ve learned our lessons, had so far to climb.

America has shown us it’s Trump card.
The meek have had their fair share of times hard.
Their entire species has grown weary..
Impossible to smile and stay cheery.
I ask why not? Each day brings more horror!
To keep peace is to be an ignorer.

Any man with half his wits can see it.
The circus around us; the lions pit.
I’m trying, smiling I want to stand strong.
My Faith and my Hope will help me along.

In God only I trust! In prayer, I must.
Until ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

They’re learning new tricks, becoming clever.
Never as clever, as Heavenly Father.
Never as empowering as Jesus.
Never as strong as believers.
I’m on fire with The Holy Spirit!
Within all my being, I can hear it.
The Trinity is forever robust.
Blessings will come for the good among us.

No darkness will ever overshadow.
Hate and deceit will hits its plateau.

So, you see? There isn’t any tonic.
No elixir mixed up for the chronic.
May as well give up the pills, flush em down.
Pour out the vodka, it just makes you frown.
Start a real war on all of the bad drugs.
Uncle Sam only takes their cut in busts.

GAME of life has finally got to stop.
All the cheaters started out on the top.
To fix a thing, you start from the bottom.
The meek shall rise.. to inherit Kingdom.
C’mon, guys.. didn’t you get the memo?
Face your fears, no more tears, you’re in limbo.

Everyone’s eager. Ready to rejoice..
It’s been a long road, a very long life.
The streets so bad, we all carry a knife.
Next up, we celebrate, take a breather.
Take a break, thanks to Blessed Redeemer🙏🌸