My REAL happiness Secret

From suicidal thoughts & depression to pure Joy & Serenity.

~Serenity Mask – March 3, 2020

What’s the deal?

Ever notice how annoying those people are whenever they’re normal one day, and then the next they start talking about God and Jesus? Then pretty soon after, that’s all they ever want to talk about! Why is it such an epidemic?!

Of course, you’ve heard all about it, but have you listened?

Hmmm, I’ll explain it for you.

You know about God, you’ve heard about God and some people believe in Him, some people don’t.

Now, think about this, why is it that when people start really believing and grow stronger in faith, suddenly they’re talking about it all the time. You see people that keep complaining about it on Facebook; people are so irritated with it. Yet, believers don’t mind, they won’t stop.

That’s how it works. Consider this, maybe it changes your life so drastically that you cannot stop gushing about it.

Most of us are lost, unhappy and depressed. Once you’ve been lost for so long, and then you become saved (rescued, if you will) you actually become a new person!

It’s absolutely free, it’s no secret.. At this point, what have you got to lose?

When Jesus washes away your sins, there is this great sense of relief & Joy unlike any other!

You feel free at last!

It’s not rocket science, we spend plenty of time talking about meaningless things.. doing meaningless things, and never fail to brag about every new thing we have. So, why on earth wouldn’t anyone be excited enough to share some news about the greatest feeling on earth? The Holy Spirit is an infilling of euphoria that puts any ‘drug’ high to shame & miraculously, in its place!

Either way, now you know…

I don’t judge anyone’s personal choices. We were given free will and discernment to discover our own way. I just thought everyone should know how Jesus Christ of Nazareth has changed my life.

Have a wonderful day!