Ignorance is Bliss.. & a great tool for Bias and Judgement

Anyone who is truly passionate about music surely can instinctively tell the good from the bad, if not right away, then after learning the lyrics to a song. Malicious intent, as well as positive vibes, is not really that hard to assess. If you’ve ever smelled something that made you cringe, think back to that instance. For myself, more and more, most things in life are like that.. if it smells fishy, leave it alone.

Times change.. and we adjust

Why do we hear so many similar songs on the radio, often by seemingly untalented singers?

In order for their voice to be heard, first an artist must have a fanbase. This can be tricky.. Record Labels, publishers, advertisers, (basically anyone in the biz) they all want hits and best-sellers, not bits of wisdom or complicated opinions from prospective clients. Once you become a name that sells, the pressure increases to maintain status quo, no matter what the cost. That price can be pretty hefty for some, who struggle having to juggle their need for personal creativity with the ‘so-called’ standards of the Mainstream music scene.

I found an article on Mic.com that explains what I mean:. https://www.mic.com/articles/107896/scientists-finally-prove-why-pop-music-all-sounds-the-same

Just because something looks different, doesn’t necessarily make it so

We’ve all heard about the wolves in sheep’s clothing; have you ever considered that there may be sheep, hiding in wolve’s clothing?

Chameleons. Adaptation. Enough Said. Evolution occurs, and the deep thinkers will always find a way. They always have, since the dawn of time. I think, therefore I am.. or something like that, right? We have a fierce need to create and express thoughts and ideas. Accomplishing that feat requires innovation.

A prophet would be hard-pressed to find many ears for lend in this day and age!

There’s far too many babbling brooks! C’mon, sometimes it’s as if I can’t be free from the mindless chatter and often endless sea of negativity, bitching and moaning. In order to focus on an important conversation, I’d first have to be able to recognize one when I saw it, but everyone places great emphasis on whatever they happen to be currently spewing, making it hard to tell sometimes. It’s deafening for one who’s become accustomed to, and quite fond of, plenty of alone/quiet time. 

My point is this: a good natured, God-fearing band may feel compelled to make their voices heard, however, as I’ve shown, they first have to find a way to grab your attention! 

In conclusion, I’ve got the perfect example for you:

My favorite band has been, since the age of 11 years, Black Sabbath (w/Ozzy Osbourne)!  I’d always thought of it as spiritual, inspiring, and always knew it wasn’t evil music. Plenty of listeners did not agree. The band has been rumoured to be ‘Satanists’ and much more. 

Black Sabbath: After Forever

Black Sabbath: After Forever (Click to listen)

A sample of the lyrics: “Could it be you’re afraid of what your friends might say If they knew you believe in God above? They should realize before they criticize That God is the only way to love

See, it’s elementary, dear Watson..

“Never judge a book by its cover!”

~Author Unknown

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