Sneak preview of the book: ‘The End of The World as I Knew It!’!

This is an excerpt from the Prologue of The End of The World as I Knew It, by Serenity Mask.

I’d like to think that there were great warriors in past centuries, who lived out their lives as if they were the stars of an epic movie. Meeting each challenge with Gusto & Bravado, not loud groans of dread. Life imitating art; or vice versa.

An army of mighty warriors marching together proud and strong, thoroughly enjoying their battles much like so many do today, except only through engrossing themselves in simulated video game fights. 
Wait a minute, what? And therein lies part of the problem, my readers. With a vast array of virtual engagements, we’ve become shockingly passive to our REALITY. No wonder there’s such a demand for reality television. I guess that’s the only way some can get it! And sadly, much of the current generation fully believes that the fake goings-on of these actors pretending to be ordinary, is the real deal.
      Immersed in the smoke & mirrors world of social media; glued to massive High Definition screens, mesmerized by ‘The Walking Dead’; or spending every bit of free-time binge-watching hour upon hours of the latest trend on Hulu… we just can’t be bothered with the banality of daily life. So, when things start to get out of control, of course we are unprepared. We huff & puff over every nuisance or slight, like spoiled children when they don’t get their way. To have to dredge through the trenches of horrors (traffic & people) and handle these problems? Who has the time?

My God, Americans could never have accomplished anything with that mentality!

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