Scripture. Do you SAY you know ‘The Word’, or do you actually STUDY it?

Bible Study

My Bible Study bookshelf.

I’ve heard many people state that they’ve read the Bible. A lot even claim to have researched and studied the different religious concepts. Yet, not only do I NEVER see these folks crack open a book, I don’t see any Bibles or other related literature around. The picture above is of my own Biblical studies bookshelf. Some of the books, as you can see, are tattered and worn thin. A few of them have barely been skimmed through. However, I have them. I NEED them, in order to clarify, research, and formulate my own opinions on the biggest topic of debate in our society: Religion. The image doesn’t show my main study Bible, or the multiple religious tracts, pamphlets and thousands of notes I have taken.

There IS a GOD. The Trinity is REAL. 

See, l have no hesitation. I KNOW these things unequivocally. The more I read, and learned about God, the more he showed me. God makes himself known, it’s up to each person to accept or deny the relationship. I have no doubts, and as a result I’ve gained so much. I am no longer afraid of death. I am secure in my faith and my Eternal Serenity. Another great feeling that faith has given me is that I no longer feel alone.. ever. Jesus is my best friend and he accompanies me wherever I go. God is a wise and benevolent being that bestows miracles and very tangible blessings. The Holy Spirit is a wondrous type of light and love that fills me with the greatest Joy and Peace that I’ve ever known.