Truth: I’m addicted to my phone

I’ve become painfully aware lately of the obscene amount of time I spend on my iPhone. When I had my tiny Android with limited capabilities, it was easier to put the phone down and not be in any hurry for more screen time. . Don’t get me wrong.. my iPhone is fantastic! A little too much so, I’m afraid.

Everything I could possibly need is right there, and I’m not even talking about Facebook! I’ve spent very little time on social media these days. I’m more of a productivity applications junkie. I wrote my entire rough draft for my first book on my phone, for heaven’s sake. 

When I open my eyes each morning, what’s the first thing I do? Turn off the alarm of course. On my phone. If I didn’t use an alarm? Still, I’m immediately reaching for my cell to check the time. After my run to the potty room, and grabbing a coffee, next up is checking my calendar and my reminders. 

Naturally, I’ve got to check my notifications while I’m at it. Along with the weather, my stocks, bank account, etc. A glance at my work schedule, and the status of Uber’s promptness and fee might cross my mind. It’s no wonder my housekeeping skills haven’t been exactly up to par lately. 

On any normal day, I’d head to work (surprisingly, I rarely use my phone there). Thankfully, work saves me from obsessive screen times. After work, or day off.. well that’s a different story! Everything I do involves it. My hobbies, for instance:

  • All of my pictures, or graphic art.
  • Shopping apps.
  • Free Hulu account.
  • Music, lots of music. I think I have five music apps!

Then if I want to be productive: 

  • My studies, research, etc. Brain building, Duolingo, articles and websites.
  • My book! My poems! All there. 
  • Downloaded e-books/audiobooks.
  • Email. 475 emails are waiting on me as I type.
Last but not least, my friends and family are all in that handheld device. FaceTime so my daughter and I can talk throughout the day. Social media apps to keep in touch with everyone, or promote something. I wouldn’t be able to call more than two or three people without my contact list. 

Let’s not forget that the last thing I do before bed also involves my phone. Alarms must be set, chargers plugged in, the schedule rechecked. Honestly,  I’m not sure I know how to decrease my phone time at this point. 

Am I the only one? Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe I should use my cell to start a support group😜