What does Supporting Local/Underground Music even mean?


-verb: support; 3rd person present: supports; past tense: supported; past participle: supported; gerund or present participle: supporting. *verb)1. bear all or part of the weight of; hold up. Credit: Google Dictionary

Rock & Roll: The sound of Angels telling the Truth... ~Jim Morrison

The phrase, Support Local Music essentially means to say that you ‘Stand by your Band’. I don’t know about you folks, but good music has never let me down. Music has been there through all of my ups and downs; my favorite songs never change; the lyrics don’t lie or cheat. Music has treated me better than any man ever did!

How I ended up being obsessed with music.

My first concert was Ozzy Osbourne, Lita Ford, and Anthrax. I was able to find an article about it: Ozzy Osbourne Hailed by Teen Fans in Long Beach. In my life there has been nothing more enjoyable for me than going to a live show. I was just 14 or 15 years old but I will never forget that night! It was like a match that ignited a lifelong passion for loud, live music.

Credit: Link to this picture An Ebay listing for that poster😆

~I guess you could say I’m a little passionate about music. Okay.. a lot. The point is, we should stand for what we believe in; lift up those we respect; and engage in the things that make us happy.

My first local show wasn’t until about 4 years ago, but it was awesome. There are several advantages to attending an underground concert event.

  • I get the same feelings of excitement, at a fraction of the price it’d be for a ticket to see a well known rock-star.
  • The venues are less intimidating, and easier to navigate.
  • Due to the smaller space, the view is obviously much better.
  • Oftentimes, you get to hang with some of the artists outside smoking, or even up at the stage head banging.
  • Once you’ve been to see a band a few times you actually start to become friends with one or two of the band members.
  • Kansas City has a remarkable amount of talented artists in the area.

Personally, I’ve been to the Aftershock Music Venue in Merriam, Ks. so many times that it feels like home. I attend rap shows occasionally, but it’s the metal crowd that’s seen the most of me. I’ve become part of an Underground Metal community that is quite amazing. We give each other hugs, hang out and have a blast enjoying the Rock and Roll.

What do I actually DO to SUPPORT? [It’s actually not a big deal]!

  • Try my best to attend the shows of my favorite local/underground artists.
  • Purchase the tickets directly from the bands themselves.
  • Buy & wear their T-shirts proudly!
  • Purchase the CD’s, or buy songs.
  • Subscribe to their playlists on my apps.
  • Share their music, event posts, and spread the word. .
  • Actually be there for some occasionally, (on a personal level) as a friend if they need to vent. Or if they want to know my opinion on something. Hell, even if they need a few bucks for gas or lunch. (Did you know?.. Artists are, in reality, sometimes starving).

Why should we Support Artists?

  • Your favorite singer started out small and went after her/his dreams just like these guys.
  • We should support each other, our community, our local business owners, and our emerging Rock Stars, etc.
  • It costs a lot to make a dream come true, and we all know day jobs only cover so much.
  • Rally around what you love. For many one of those things is music. For others it maybe golf at the country club, for example. They pay membership fees, caddy/cart fees, and green fees. For music it’s tickets, CD’s, and T-shirts😂.

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